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Signs Of Cracked Tooth Syndrome

Posted on 9/25/2023 by Evan
Signs Of Cracked Tooth SyndromeSometimes, it can be challenging to recognize if you have a cracked tooth. However, there are signs and symptoms you can observe to be sure before visiting the dentist.

If you have cracked teeth, ensure that you do not self-medicate. You need to get the dentist's advice. Here are some of the signs to watch out for:

Sensitivity To Temperature Changes Or When Eating Something Sweet

It could be a sign of a cracked tooth if you experience sensitivity when eating hot or cold foods or when consuming something sweet. The crack can cause the tooth's nerves to be exposed, leading to sensitivity. You need to ask the dentist what food to eat so you don't feel uncomfortable.

Pain That Comes And Goes When Chewing

Cracked tooth syndrome can cause intermittent pain when you chew or bite down on something. The pain may come and go, making it hard to pinpoint the exact problem. You should avoid hard foods as they may worsen the situation. Ask the dentist for advice on healthy soft foods before treatment.

Toothache When You Bite Or Chew

Experiencing toothache, specifically when biting or chewing, can indicate a cracked tooth. The pressure applied during these actions may exacerbate the pain. Therefore, if your tooth starts aching when eating food, you should see the dentist for proper treatment and painkillers.

Swelling Around The Tooth

In some cases, a cracked tooth can lead to swelling around the affected area. If you notice any unusual swelling, it's essential to have it checked by a dentist. Do not assume and self-medicate. Ensure you put cold compression on the outside of the cheek near the cracked tooth and go to the dentist. Come to our office now to ensure you get the best services for a cracked tooth.

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