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Dental Crowns and How They Help Your Teeth

Posted on 10/11/2021 by Evan
Dental Crowns and How They Help Your TeethDental crowns are one of the more common procedures in restorative dentistry. This means that the overall purpose of dental crowns is to avoid having to remove teeth or do any invasive surgeries on your teeth. If you need to get a dental crown, we cannot recommend that you do it soon enough, as it will save your teeth in the long run.

How Dental Crowns Function

We place dental crowns on top of a pre-existing tooth that shows signs of weakness. Once the tooth is ready and we place the crown on the site, the crown can provide a myriad of ways to help the tooth maintain its integrity.

The main purpose of crowns is to offer protection to an already weakened tooth. Weakened teeth are any teeth with cracks, chips, or damage to them. The crown is perfectly molded over the top so that it fits the natural form your tooth would have. This protects the tooth from further damage or everyday bacteria that could weaken it.

One function that dental crowns provide, which you will likely be very thankful for, is chewing support. With advances in dental technology, we are able to create crowns out of more durable and strong materials. This lets you enjoy the same foods that you enjoyed before the procedure. Common foods that may have exasperated the damage in the past might have included crisp fruits like apples or pears, or vegetables like carrots and corn.

Another way dental crowns can help is that they are key to many procedures in restorative dentistry. Because crowns provide both the integrity needed to protect the remaining portion of the tooth and the aesthetic so that it looks like you still have a tooth, they are often used in a number of procedures as a way of protecting teeth and even the root canal. If you are in need of a crown or think you might be, please contact our office and we will be happy to help.

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