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What Are the Main Causes of Teeth Sensitivity?

Posted on 11/7/2022 by Evan
What Are the Main Causes of Teeth Sensitivity?Teeth sensitivity is when you start experiencing discomfort or pain in reaction to particular stimuli like cold or hot temperatures. It can impact a single tooth, multiple teeth, or all of the teeth in your mouth and can be a short-term or long-term issue. While sensitive teeth might have a variety of causes, the majority of them are treated by changing your oral hygiene routine.

Aggressive Brushing

The primary cause of teeth sensitivity is brushing too vigorously or side to side, damaging the enamel, the tooth's visible white portion, especially where the enamel layer is thin that is where the gums join the teeth. You might need to change your brushing strategy to protect your enamel if you brush more frequently than your floss.

Having Receding Gums

If you notice that your gums start to separate from your teeth, this signifies that your gums are resorbing or receding, disclosing the tooth's delicate root. As a result, your teeth become sensitive.

Dental Erosion

Consuming sour or acidic foods and beverages frequently can wear down the enamel on your teeth. When the enamel is eroded, the dentine beneath is exposed, which can cause sensitivity.

Cracked or Chipped Teeth

A tooth's biting surface may develop a crack that extends to the tooth's root. This can cause a lot of discomfort due to excessive temperatures, particularly freezing ones.

Gum disease

Plaque or tartar can form along the gum line if left uncleaned for an extended period, causing gum disease. Gum disease leads to irritated or inflamed gum tissues, which causes teeth sensitivity.

Teeth grinding

If you grind or clench your teeth, you might wear down the enamel, exposing the underlying dentin. Also, your teeth can become sensitive after getting crowns, filling, or teeth whitening.

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